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Remove Fine Lines and Wrinkles with Fillers

“Filler” is a substance that is used to add volume to the face. It has been developed for over a long period of time, which can be divided into stages as follows:

  • Stage 1 (1890): Began to use human fats as a filler substance.
  • Stage 2 (1900): Liquid paraffin or paraffinum liquidum was used as a filler substance.
  • Stage 3 (1940): Liquid silicone was used as a filler substance, which effectively solved the problem of loose skin and added volume to undesired areas.
  • Stage 4 (1981): Bovine collagen was used and was officially approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • Stage 5 (2007): Hyaluronic acid was used as a filler substance, which has the properties of absorbing and delivering water to the desired areas. It was also officially approved by the FDA.
  • Currently, HA filler or hyaluronic acid is widely used as a filler substance due to its high stability and biodegradability. Likewise, the fact that it is not derived from animals makes it safer on human, with minimal risks of allergies.
How Does Filler Work?

Once the HA filler or hyaluronic acid enters the skin, it will collect and retain water, which naturally smoothens fine lines and wrinkles, while adds volume to the targeted areas. As a result, your skin will immediately appear smooth and youthful. The aesthetic results will last 8-18 months, depending on the concentration of HA filler or hyaluronic acid.

Accordingly, filler injections can be performed on individuals with the age of 18 years and above. Indeed, once the HA filler enters the body, it will be dissolved by hyaluronidase enzyme within 23 days. Hence, hyaluronic acid must be coated in order to make it more stable and last up to 12 years.
The biodegradability of HA filler is an advantage because our faces will naturally and gradually change over years, according to the age. If the HA filler can last 1-2 years, we can add new fillers to correspond to the changes of dermal conditions.

In the past, filler injections were somewhat risky due to a lack of innovation. As such, people commonly used liquid silicone as a filler substance, which is non-biodegradable. Although silicone injections deliver satisfactory results at the beginning, it causes various problems over time. These problems include sagging skin, lump formation, swelling, and inflammation, which can only be solved by performing a major surgery in order to remove silicone from the hypodermis layer.

When a filler substance enters the targeted areas on the face, it will add volume to such areas. After that, a physician will adjust the shape and proportion to be appropriate to each patient’s face. The results will be evaluated approximately 15 minutes upon injection, after which the patients may return home.
Over the past 3-5 years, aesthetic enhancement with dermal fillers has become extremely popular amongst Thai women, in contrast to the decreasing trend of cosmetic surgery. The surge in the popularity of fillers is particularly due to the fact that fillers deliver satisfactory results with minimal pain, fast procedures, and natural appearance.

Six Popular Areas for Filler Injections of Thai Women
8-Point Lifting and Firming Technique for Youthful Complexion

Our face comprises several pieces of fat called “fat compartments”. When we are young, these fat compartments are closely packed together to keep our face elevated and firm, which is known as “baby-fat skin”. However, as we get older, these fat compartments will atrophy and loose volume, resulting in gaps between each compartment. This leads to loose skin on eight fusion points of these fat compartments.

Eight Fusion Points of Fat Compartments

Originally, filler injections are performed superficially just beneath the skin surface in order to fill the nasolabial folds. However, such technique does not deliver optimal results as it is unable to fulfill the actual needs of people in this modern generation. Accordingly, the 8-point lifting
Consult technique was developed to inject fillers deeper into the fat layer, with the aim to add volume to the gaps in eight fusion points of fat compartments. In other words, the 8-point lifting technique is the ideal solution to the root cause of the problem. Once these fat compartments become more compact, our facial skin will be lifted, resulting in a natural and youthful appearance. These eight fusion points of fat compartments are as follows:

  1. Cheekbones – when we get older, our cheekbones will become flaccid. Filler injections will add volume to this area, resulting in a fuller and firmer appearance.
  2. Upper Cheeks – filler injections are used to elevate the cheeks to prevent them from sagging according to the earth’s gravity.
  3. Tear Troughs – Individuals with deep tear troughs will appear weary, exhausted, and dull. Filler injections will make the face appear more lively and vivacious.
  4. Nasolabial Folds – Filler injections are used to lift nasolabial folds. After treating the foregoing three points, the nasolabial folds will be automatically lifted to a certain extent. Hence, this fusion point will require less amount of fillers.
  5. Corners of the Mouth – Filler injections will lift the corners of the mouth, which results in a more youthful appearance.
  6. Chin Sides – Filler injections are used to lift the sides of the chin that are sagging and flaccid.
  7. In Front of the Ears – Filler injections are used to lift the face in order to obtain a V-shaped face. Many people are concerned that injecting fillers to this particular point will cause the face to appear larger, since it is at the jawlines. However, injecting an appropriate amount of fillers will enhance the facial appearance by making it more proportionate and V-shaped.
  8. Cheeks (Underneath Cheekbones) – When we get older, our cheeks will become slack, which subsequently causes the cheekbones to become sagging. Filler injections will simultaneously add volume to the cheeks and lift the cheekbones.

Filler Injections for Additional Aesthetic Enhancement

Filler injections can also be used to enhance other areas of the face and body, which may not be known by many people. These areas include:

  1. Forehead – Filler injections reduce fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead, resulting in a smooth and flawless complexion.
  2. Around the Eyes – Filler injections reduce dark circles and smoothen fine lines around the eyes.
  3. Across the Face – Filler injections reduce blemishes and fine lines to deliver a smooth and youthful appearance.
  4. Acne Scars – Filler injections smoothen acne scars, making them less visible.
  5. Lips – Filler injections reduce fine lines around the lips.
  6. Neck and Chest – Filler injections reduce fine lines, smoothen and firm the skin, and solve the problem of loose neck skin that indicates the true age of a person.
  7. Back of the Hands – Filler injections reduce fine lines, as well as smoothen, firm, and moisturize the skin for a youthful appearance.
What Should Be Considered Before Undergoing Filler Injection?

As of present, Thailand has only one type of fillers (but many brands) that has been approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which is hyaluronic acid or HA filler. This is because hyaluronic acid is highly safe and does not cause allergic reactions. Moreover, it is stable and biodegradable, and therefore does not have the problem of bioaccumulation.

Accordingly, it is important to inquire information from the clinic and ask the clinic to show the bottle or package of the fillers in order to examine the FDA label, name of the importer and distributor, manufacturing date, and price. Most importantly, it is significant to look at the reliability of the clinic and experience of the physician.

HA filler is a natural extract that is biodegradable. In the event that filler injections deliver unsatisfactory results, they can be treated with hyaluronidase.

Are fillers safe to be injected into human body?

Currently, Botox and filler injections have become increasingly popular amongst men. However, dermal injections in men should be at the physician’s discretion. In other words, dermal injections should retain men’s facial structure instead of making the men’s face appear more feminine.

Is it possible for men to undergo filler injections?

Some patients want to have a nose or chin like their preferred celebrity or idol, and will often request the physician to deliver such results. However, the physician will provide advices and explanations that each person’s face is different. With that regards, the physician will inject fillers to adjust the shapes of the nose and chin that best correspond to each person’s face in order to deliver the optimal results.

Can filler injections make my chin or nasal bridge perfect like that of the celebrity?
Self-Care Before and After Filler Injection

Before Filler Injection
Discontinue the intake of Vitamin E, fish oil, collagen supplements, ginkgo extract, anticoagulant, and some types of painkillers one week before a filler injection, since these supplements and medications impede coagulation, which many cause bruising and bleeding spots underneath the
skin. Moreover, patients are required to inform the physician in advance in case of chronic diseases, drug allergies, pregnancy, or in the breastfeeding stage.
After Filler Injection

  • Do not touch or massage the injected area, since this may affect the dispersion of fillers.
  • Do not drink any alcoholic beverages within the first 24 hours of filler injection, since alcohol may dilate the blood vessels and delay recovery.
  • Makeup application and use of skincare products are acceptable after 1 day of filler injection.
  • Some patients may experience headaches after 2-3 days of filler injection, which will gradually disappear.
  • Normal treatments are acceptable after 1 week of filler injection. However, intense facial massage, steam bathing, sauna, laser treatment, radiofrequency (RF) treatment, and iontophoresis can only be performed after 2 weeks of filler injection, since heat may affect the injected area.

Long-Term Care
After the filler injection, avoid staying in hot places such as hot yoga class, sauna room, and hot aroma spa, since these may cause fillers to be dissolved faster. Normal diet, exercises, and daily routines are possible after the treatment. Patients are recommended to visit the physician as appointed in order to evaluate the results. In the event of abnormal symptoms, please inform the physician for appropriate and correct advices.


for up to 50% discount.
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