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    Sexy Line Liposuction, Create abs easily without any hassle

    What is needed to be a sexy lady?

    A beautiful, sexy, curvy body is what most women desire. Apart from being more attractive, it also brings with it good health and new opportunities. Nowadays, A lot of women take more care of  their health and appearance. They choose to consume nutritious food with low calories and exercise regularly.

    These days, the global trend for women is not just being skinny or in shape. The paradigm of beauty has shifted towards proportional, muscular and sporty looking figures. This is evident from the popularity of celebrities and social media influencers, regularly sharing pictures and videos of exercise routines and showing off their figures. These ladies are proud of their beautiful abs and something we call ‘Sexy line’.

    The result depends on each individual person.

    What is the difference between Men’s Six Pack and Women’s Sexy Line?

    Men’s Six Pack:

  • Fast and obvious results.
  • Shape of abs is definable as desired.
  • Can always redo abs to make a new six pack
  • Women’s Sexy Line:

    • Abdomen will be flat and look well-exercised.
    • Smooth and fit surface with no marks.

    Normally, everyone has six pack but the layers of fat can cover the muscles underneath so it can not be seen clearly. This is why we need to exercise, to strengthen the muscles and decrease the body fat percentage to less than 10% so the abs appear more clearly.

    Men generally desire clear, muscular abs. This is known as a six pack. However, women prefer to have a muscular line on each side of the stomach, looking like the number 11. This is known as a sexy line. A sexy line helps women look attractive, sexy and very healthy.

    New Technique for easier Six Pack or Sexy Line.

    A sexy line is not easy but also not too difficult to achieve. Normally, women need to count the amount of calories consumed daily, exercise regularly and practice weight training to gain muscle mass. Most women fail to achieve their body goals, normally because of self-discipline. Physiologically, women’s bodies were not designed to be as strong as mens and because of this, women have to exercise harder.

    Nowadays, there are more ways to get a desirable body and get rid of excess fat easier due to the different kinds of technology available. The most popular way is Liposuction because you can get rid of excess fat in the desired area with quick results and a short recovery period. Apart from getting rid of excess fat, we can beautify your abdomen to a muscular shape. Our techniques for six packs and sexy line is another shortcut to a beautiful body.

    Normal liposuction traditionally removes as much fat as possible but with little regards for proportion and beauty. Sexy line liposuction prioritises the muscles in a way that makes abs more defined, leaving a beautiful, sporty look.

    Sexy Line Liposuction requires special machinery that only eliminates fat cells called ‘LipoSelection’. LipoSeclection can eliminate as much fat as the old liposuction method but in a more gentle way with less side effects. Butter-like fat in our body will be transformed into liquid and sucked out by a special nozzle which leaves behind very little injury with a short recovery period. Sexy Line Liposuction does not harm nearby areas, especially blood vessels, nerve cells and tissue. The experienced surgeon will use special techniques in beautifying and designing abs for each individual person.

    Who is fit for Sexy Line Liposuction?

    Sexy Line Liposuction is generally for women with excess fat in the abdomen area with normal BMI results or women in good shape but need to beautify their abdomen muscles. Sexy Line liposuction can also help petite women with low muscle mass to achieve a more muscular look. Women with excess fat but a BMI not over 25 might require weight loss before the operation for better results. Sexy Line liposuction does not only make muscular lines but sometimes the surgeon will get rid of fat in the waist area making the abs appear more natural.

    Area for Liposuction

    Preparation for Sexy Line Liposuction

    For patients who want to get operation with the clinic whether it is abdomen liposuction, thigh liposuction, upper arms liposuction, other area liposuction or Sexy Line liposuction.

    • Stop taking any medication that causes restriction of blood flow such as Aspirin, some kinds of painkillers and supplements or vitamin supplements that cause blood clotting such as Vitamin E, cod liver oil and grape seed to decrease bruising.
    • Stop drinking alcohol or any drinks with the mix of alcohol for at least 1-2 days before surgery.
    • Stop smoking cigarettes at least 2 weeks prior because nicotine slows the process of cell repair and may cause slower healing.
    • Patients with congenital diseases and/or drug allergies need to inform the surgeon before the operation to lower the risk for the patients own safety.

    How to take care of yourself after Sexy Line liposuction.

    • Allow 2-4 weeks for recovery before exercising
    • Muscles will get better within 2 weeks
    • Avoid fried and greasy food due to the risk of residual fat
    • Six Pack will appear clearer within 2-3 months
    • Massage lightly in the six pack or sexy line area regularly
    • Eat fruits, vegetables and minerals regularly

    Body Mass Index