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Fat Elimination with Coolsculpting that is Gentle and Delivers Satisfactory Results

How many methods of fat elimination are there that can target specific areas and deliver visible results? Certainly, exercise and diet control are in the list. However, they are undoubtedly difficult and must be adhered continually. Moreover, accumulated fats in some areas cannot be eliminated with exercise. Hence, it is necessary to use medical procedures and advanced innovation to solve such problems and to provide effective, safe, and fast treatment.

Four Techniques of Fat Elimination that Deliver Visible Results
1. Liposuction

Mesotherapy is one of the popular techniques of fat elimination and requires short period of treatment. However, it must be performed continually in order to obtain the best results. Mesotherapy can also be applied to various areas; the most common areas include face, double chin, upper arms, and thighs. Nonetheless, its drawback is that repetitive injections are required in areas with high amounts of fat. This means that patients will experience pain multiple times.

2. Mesotherapy

Another popular way that can be done in a short time. However, it is necessary to continue treatment. Patient should inject repeatedly to get the effective result. It is good to use the drug to break down fat. It can do all areas as well. There is no downtime, but patients may experience swelling, bruising, pain, redness.

3. RF Fat Reduction

There are various non-invasive fat reduction technologies –the majority of which use radio frequency (RF) energy that will be converted to thermal energy in order to dissolve and remove fats from the body. The drawbacks of RF fat reduction are long period of treatment and possible recurrence of fat accumulation.

4. Coolsculpting

In 2016, coolsculpting was regarded as an innovation that can eliminate excess fats, deliver visible results, and is more gentle that the traditional technique. Coolsculpting also has a lower chance of recurring accumulation of fats. Let’s find out more about cool sculpting.
Coolsculpting is a non-invasive technique of dissolving fats by freezing. It adopts the technology called ZELTIQ, which uses controlled cooling at the freezing temperature of -10 degrees Celsius to target the hypodermis layer.

How Does the Temperature of 10 – 13 Degrees Celsius Contribute to Fat Dissolution?

Each applicator will deliver cool energy into the hypodermis layer. The extremely low temperature will cause the targeted fat cells to become frozen and agglomerated (similar to frozen food that have high fat contents). When fat cells are exposed to the temperature of -13 degrees Celsius, they will die and break down into smaller molecules, which will be subsequently removed from the body.

Treatment Areas for Coolsculpting

Coolsculpting has different types of vacuum for different areas of treatment, which comprise of four areas.

Fats Accumulated Before Cool Sculpting / Fats Eliminated After Coolsculpting
Four Features of Coolsculpting
  1. Non-invasive treatment, which does not require the use of anesthesia and period of recovery.
  2. Eliminate fat cells more effectively than RF fat reduction technique. Coolsculpting does not reduce the size of fats, but directly destroy fat cells.
  3. Immediate results are 30% visible, with firmer body.
  4. Lower chance of the recurrence of fat cells as compared to other current techniques.
Three Reasons to Undergo Coolsculpting at F Clinic
  1. F Clinic has two coolsculpting machines, which can simultaneously destroy fat cells in multiple areas to minimize the treatment time (1 area takes about 40-60 minutes of treatment).
  2. Coolsculpting is performed by specialized physicians throughout the period of treatment.
  3. We have physicians who are specialized in body sculpting and can provide advices both before and after the treatment.
Who is Suitable for Coolsculpting?
  1. Individuals who underwent carboxytherapy but did not obtain any results.
  2. Individuals who underwent mesotherapy but the results were not noticeable.
  3. Individuals with accumulated fats in areas that are difficult to be removed through exercise, such as hip and inner thighs.
Procedures of Coolsculpting

Initially, I felt as if my stomach got sucked into the vacuum. However, after a while, I began to feel more relaxed and was able to use my cell phone, update news, and chat with my friends until the treatment was over. Undergoing coolsculpting at F Clinic was a good experience for me in that they have two machines, so the treatment time was shorter since multiple areas can be treated at the same time. After treatment, my skin was really red and cold. I even thought to myself that this is really the technique of eliminating fats by freezing. There was also a staff who massaged the treatment area and the skin redness gradually disappeared after 5-10 minutes of treatment. After one month, I could clearly see that the treatment area was significantly reduced.

During the first 2-3 minutes of treatment, there will be a cold sensation that will later develop into numbness. Patients may sleep, relax, play on the cell phone, or read a book as desired. After the treatment, there will be a transient tingling sensation with minor skin redness, which will gradually disappear in a short period of time. Patients can return to normal daily routines with no need for recovery.

What to expect from coolsculpting?

When the fat cells are frozen, they will die and will be removed from the body in the form of wastes, such as sweat, urine, and stool.

Where did the fat cells go?
  1. Double chin
  2. Abdomen –both at the front and on the side
  3. Inner and outer thighs
  4. Upper arms
Which areas can coolsculpting reduce fats?

Our specialized physician will outline a treatment plan for you, since each part of the body will require different numbers of treatment. For instance, abdomen may require 2-3 areas of treatment with each area lasting one hour. Nonetheless, F Clinic can provide treatment to two areas at the same time, which will save you time

What is the recommended number of treatment to obtain the best results?

Coolsculpting was designed to reduce undesired fats in specific areas. It is suitable for individuals with excess fats and do not want to have an incision wound from surgery.

Is coolsculpting suitable for me?

Patients who have been treated with cool sculpting are not required to take supplements or change their daily routines. However, after undergoing coolsculpting, you will be inspired to take care of your health more intensively.

What should I do to obtain the best results?

You will begin to see changes in 3 weeks after the treatment. Results will become more visible approximately 2 months after the treatment. Meanwhile, the body will continue to excrete dead fat cells during 4-6 months of treatment.

When will I see the results?

Coolsculpting is suitable for eliminating excess fats in specific areas. However, it is not suitable for treating obesity. Patients are advised to visit a specialized physician to identify the best method of treatment.

Who shouldn’t reduce fats with cool sculpting?

Cool sculpting has been proven to be safe and effective, since it is non-invasive and does not cause scars with no period of recovery.

Is cool sculpting safe?


for up to 50% discount.
Every problem has a solution Do not hesitate to contact F Clinic.