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Glow Brightening Treatment

Glow Brightening Treatment is particularly suitable for “young adults” through aesthetic enhancements from head to toe. Currently, the most popular technique is MicroDermalift, which is a machine that was developed to deliver vitamins to the skin through the use of low levels of electrical pulses. The procedure involves opening pores with cathode and closing pores with anode. Accordingly, it is commonly used to treat acne scars and blemishes. The combined use of MicroDermalift and Vitamin C can treat the problems of skin dullness, blemishes, and freckles. Meanwhile, arbutin can be used for skin whitening and aloe vera or hyaluronic acid can be used to treat large pores and tighten the skin.

What Is Glow Brightening Treatment?

Glow Brightening Treatment is a miracle treatment for skin brightening through exfoliation and detoxification. The treatment has the ability to retain moisture in the skin over a long period of time, while tighten pores, absorb oil and pollutants, and nourish the skin to deliver a smooth, bright, firm, and youthful complexion. In addition, the treatment is enriched with natural extracts, such as honey, milk, and gold, which is the aesthetic formula of women in ancient Egypt. Indeed, the formula is similar to Cleopatra who took milk baths, massaged her skin with honey, and masked her face with gold –all of which enabled her to retain the legendary beauty.

How Often Can I Receive Glow Brightening Treatment?
  • Individuals with normal to oily skin can receive treatment every week.
  • Individuals with normal to dry skin can receive treatment every 2-3 weeks.
Results Obtained from Gold Treatment
  1. Whiter and brighter skin
  2. Skin becomes less oily
  3. Tighter pores
  4. Prevent the formation of fine lines
  5. Healthy and hydrated skin
Who Is Suitable For Gold Treatment?

Gold Treatment is suitable for individuals with normal to oily skin who want to obtain a white and youthful skin, reduce skin dullness and oiliness, and tighten pores.

Where Should I Receive Treatment?

In addition to the age and skin condition, it is important to consider the service quality and cleanliness of the clinic before deciding to receive treatment. Most importantly, it is significant to contemplate the professionalism of the physician in terms of knowledge and experience in providing correct advices. It is also necessary to look at the products used in facial treatment, including the aspects of benefits, efficiency, and variety of products to treat different skin conditions and problems. Without the foregoing factors, it is undoubted that the treatment of skin problems will not meet your expectations.

What Is The Cost Of A Single Facial Treatment?

The cost of treatment starts from hundreds to thousands of Baht per time, depending on the type of treatment. Indeed, there are a variety of types of treatment, such as delivery of vitamins and nutrients to the skin, exfoliation, ozone steam bath, acne extraction, facial massage, and facial mask.


for up to 50% discount.
Every problem has a solution Do not hesitate to contact F Clinic.