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Fat Legs and Abdominal Bulge Can Be Corrected with Vaser Liposelection!
Vaser Lipo selection

Do you know why VASER Liposelection is different from the conventional liposuction with differences in the frequency of sound energy? Vaser Liposelection or Vibration Amplication of Sound Energy at Resonance is a new innovation that uses the latest ultrasound-assisted liposuction technology. It operates by releasing ultrasonic energy at a regular interval in order to dissolve fat cells. The ultrasonic energy is transmitted to the fat cells by a small probe of VASER, with liquid acting as the medium, which differs from the first generation of VASER. The probe of VASER will release the ultrasonic energy from both the top and at the sides to heat the tissue, which consumes 50% less energy than traditional liposuction. Moreover, Vaser Liposelection is tissue-selective that only damages a selective area of fat. It can dissolve a significantly higher amount of fat but is gentler and has fewer side effects than traditional liposuction treatments. Vaser Liposelection can easily dissolve solid fats into a liquid form, which will be subsequently removed with a specially designed probe.

Vaser Liposelection can effectively and gently dissolve and remove fats from the body. The treated area will experience significantly less bruising and swelling than traditional liposuction. In addition, doctors can also selectively dissolve fats at specific areas, which reduce swelling and bruising unlike other liposuction procedures. The recovery time for Vaser Liposelection is relatively short, and hence, the treated area will become firm and smooth within a short period of time. Furthermore, Vaser Liposelection does not cause damage to the surrounding tissues, especially blood vessels, nerve cells, and other tissues. VASER helps to firm the skin, while delivering eye-catching results with minimal side effects.

Vaser Liposelection is regarded as a new technology that has been widely accepted and used in the United States due to its high safety and approval from the Food and Drug Administration of the United States. In addition, Vaser technology had received a patent since 2002. With the ultrasonic energy that is safe on the body, Vaser Liposelection has a high quality standard and is internationally accepted as a highly safe and effective treatment.

Procedures of Vaser Liposelection
  1. First, a mixture of tumescent fluid and anesthetic drug is injected into the fat layer in order to expand the volume of the area with a high accumulation of fat, while constricting the blood vessels. Hence, Vaser Liposelection will result in minimal bleeding.
  2. Vaser machine will release ultrasonic energy at a regular interval in order to dissolve fat cells into a liquid form of fats, which consequently reduces energy consumption by up to 50% when compared to the previous generations of Vaser technology. Vaser Liposelection is highly selectively and effective in dissolving fat cells with minimal effects on other tissues, such as blood vessels and nerves.
  3. Upon the completion of VASER, fat cells will be dissolved into a liquid form that facilitates the removal of fats from the body through the use of a specific equipment of VASER that was specially designed.
  4. During the recovery period after Vaser Liposelection, the patient’s skin will gradually return to its normal condition and become smooth. The possibility of rough skin after Vaser Liposelection is minor.
Experience during the Treatment

During Vaser Liposelection treatment, patients will not feel any pain but may experience a slight tingling sensation when the Vaser probe is in contact with the tissue, since the anesthetic drug in the tumescent fluid helps to reduce pain effectively. Meanwhile, for the BodyTite treatment, patients will only experience a warm sensation in the fat layer underneath the skin.

A combination of both treatments will deliver the best result with minimal side effects, since they do not cause damage to the surrounding tissues and general anesthesia is not required. The attending physician will inject a local anesthetic drug into the skin where the Vaser probe will be inserted.

Which Areas Are Suitable for Vaser Liposelection?
Who is Suitable for Vaser Liposelection?
  1. Individuals with a prolonged accumulation of excess fats
  2. Individuals who wish to remove fats instantaneously and achieve immediately results
  3. Individuals who wish to remove fats at a specific area
  4. Individuals who wish to eliminate substantial amounts of cellulites
  5. Individuals with a problem of fat accumulation that is not responsive to other weight-loss techniques
  6. Individuals with a problem of orange peel skin and cellulites
  7. Individuals who wish to sculpt the body
  8. Individuals who want to correct the skin structure
Reasons to Undergo Vaser Liposelection at F Clinic
  1. Offer high standard services with a clean and sterilized operation room, along with high quality equipment.
  2. Provide intensive care by a team of surgeons, professional nurses, and anesthetists.
  3. F Clinic has a leading physician who has experience in analyzing problems, shapes, and proportions, with the service standard equivalent to that of a hospital.
  4. Reasonable treatment fees with value for money.
  5. Primary emphasis on the safety and satisfaction of customers.
  6. Guarantee immediate results after the first liposuction treatment.
  7. Experience in performing Vaser Liposelection through specialized physicians, delivering 100% immediate results after the first treatment.
  8. Provide training for staff and personnel to deliver services to patients with high professionalism that is comparable to leading hospitals in Thailand.
Preparation Prior to Undergoing Vaser Liposelection at F Clinic

For patients who intend to undergo a liposuction, whether at the abdomen, thighs, upper arms, or any other areas, it is important to be prepared for the treatment. Patients should undergo health examination in order to check for chronic diseases and abnormal blood pressure, and must provide a medical certificate indicating the potential to receive a liposuction.

Self-Care after Liposuction

After undergoing Vaser Liposelection, the doctor and staff will thoroughly inform the patients of post-treatment practices. Patients can return to their normal daily routine immediately after the treatment. Swelling may occur for about 2-4 weeks but will not affect the body and will gradually disappear within 1-2 weeks.

General Advices for Patients
  • Do not lift heavy objects and do not engage in strenuous exercise within the first 2 weeks after treatment. Such activities may be performed at least 2-4 weeks after the treatment.
  • During the first 1-3 days after treatment, the tumescent fluid may leak from the wound wherein the gauze pad should be changed at least once.
  • Do not eat preserved food and spicy food since these types of food will induce swelling.
  • Prevent the wound from being in contact with water prior to suture removal.
  • The most important practice after Vaser Liposelection is that patients are required to wear compression garments to stop bleeding, reduce pain, and help the skin contract smoothly to the body’s new contours.
Results of Vaser Liposelection
  1. Deliver a sculpted body without unwanted fats.
  2. Vaser firms the skin near the treated area.
  3. Vaser is the most effective and safe method of fat removal with a single procedure.
  4. Reshape problematic areas that cannot be solved with exercise and diet.
  5. Vaser can be performed on all parts of the body, even in small areas such as under the chin, neck, and back.
  6. Vaser results in less pain and bruises than traditional liposuction.
  7. Vaser does not require recovery; patients can return to their normal activity within 1 day.
  8. Vaser eliminates fat cells without damaging the surrounding tissues.
  9. Vaser firms and smoothens the skin without causing wavy skin after the treatment.

The results depend on each individual.


for up to 50% discount.
Every problem has a solution Do not hesitate to contact F Clinic.