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    4 Common Breast Issues of Thai Women
    Small Breasts

    This type of breasts are caused by a lack of breast tissues, which result in flat chests. It is the main cause of breast augmentation with bras or breast enhancers.

    Asymmetric Breasts

    Women’s breasts are naturally not equal in size. However, the abnormal feature is the clearly visible asymmetry, which is caused by various factors including genetics, inappropriate use of bras since young, wrong sleeping position, or breastfeeding. Fortunately, this issue can be corrected.

    Saggy Breasts

    Saggy breasts do not only occur in women with large breasts; small-breast women can also have saggy breasts that are primarily caused by chest muscle weakness and other factors, such as aging, breastfeeding, and rapid weight loss. Saggy breasts can be corrected through cosmetic surgery.

    Splayed Breasts

    Splayed breasts are caused by many factors, such as genetics, inappropriate bras, and wrong sleeping position. Splayed breasts or wide-set breasts have become one of the major concerns in women’s daily life, including a lack of confidence with dressing up. This issue can be resolved with a breast surgery.

    3 Advantages of Mentor Silicone
    • Naturally Soft

      The softness of Mentor silicones is second to none. With small molecules of the gel, the silicone is fine, soft, and uniform. Undoubtedly, it is widely used in breast augmentation.

    • Adjustable

      Mentor silicones are broadly accepted by plastic surgeons who stated that these silicones can be easily adjusted when performing breast implants and also require little time.

    • Thick Shell, No Post Leakage

      Mentor silicones have the thickness of up to three layers, with no post leakage guaranteed throughout the useful life.

    5 Reasons for Undergoing Breast Augmentation at F Clinic
    • Medical Experts with Specialty in Plastic Surgery

      Doctor. Through the expertise and experience of Doctor in combination with the innovation of modern surgical procedures, our patients are highly satisfied with the treatment results. His unique technique encompasses minor incision and pain, with no need for recovery. Doctor has performed over 3,000 cases of plastic surgery.

    • Operating Rooms with International Standards

      Safety is the primary emphasis of F Clinic, no less than the results of treatment. Our operating rooms feature modern equipment and tools, two-minute sterilization system, and 100% infection prevention, with the quality comparable to those of leading hospitals.

    • Perfect Shape with Perfect Position

      Our results of treatment satisfactorily solve all breast problems of Thai women. Our plastic surgeon meticulously designs the shape of breasts to reduce the distance between each breast, while retain a natural look. This enhances confidence of our patients after the surgery.

    • Health Checkup at Leading Private Hospitals

      In order to ensure the safety of breast augmentation, F Clinic brings customers to undergo a physical examination. Health checkups are necessary to identify any chronic or underlying diseases, since some diseases have direct effects on the surgery. This would enable our surgeon to be prepared in terms of preventive measures prior to the surgery.

    • Surgery with Inhalational Anesthetic by Specialized Anesthetists

      Our anesthetists have over 10 years of experience in the field, who will take care of patients to ensure no full consciousness during the surgery. Accordingly, our plastic surgeon does not have to be concerned or hastened when performing the surgery, which consequently delivers the optimal results.

    Things to Know before Undergoing Breast Augmentation at F Clinic
    1. No intake of alcohol at least 6 hours prior to the surgery
    2. No intake of all types of vitamin that affect the recovery process after the surgery
    3. Breast augmentation is performed by making a minor incision underneath the breast, resulting in no keloid
    4. Blood test is required prior to the surgery, which is serviced by the staff at the clinic
    5. The duration of surgery is approximately 2 hours
    6. Mentor silicones are available in different sizes from 325CC – 800CC. Patients can consult with the plastic surgeon prior to making a decision
    7. No need to stay overnight; patients can return home immediately after the surgery
    8. Patients must strictly visit the physician according to the appointment
    Procedures of Breast Augmentation at F Clinic
    Health checkup at a hospital
    Health checkup at a hospital
    Anesthetic administered by an anesthetist
    Surgery takes about 2 hours
    Recover at the half-recovery room of F Clinic
    Avoid heavy work and exercise during the first three days
    Suture removal and evaluation of the results of treatment
    Visit the physician according to the appointment
    Things to Know After Breast Surgery at F Clinic
    1. Avoid sleeping on the back
    2. Do not massage too heavily before the suture removal
    3. Must wear a sports bra or support bra for 45 days after the surgery
    4. Do not lift heavy objects
    5. Exercise is acceptable when no longer wear the support bra
    6. Wound should not be in contact with water for 8 days
    7. Visit the physician according to the appointment
    Reviews on Breast Augmentation at F Clinic

    The obtained results depend one each individual

    The obtained results depend one each individual

    The obtained results depend one each individual

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    Every problem has a solution Do not hesitate to contact F Clinic.